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Nirvana Tribute Band

Château de Goncourt | Rock Concert in the Castle - Music Location
Matignicourt-Goncourt -  02.June 2018






Support: Red Medicin

It's time for Matignicourt-Goncourt! ... Time for Château de Goncourt in France, a music ambiete in a special kind of Alternatives, a rock concert in a castle!

Together, the Nirvana Tribute Band with its band Red Medicin will rock the evening for you.
On 02.June 2018 the Live Music Location  Château de Goncourt in Matignicourt-Goncourt will celebrate together with you an unforgettable grunge evening. Come to the live spot in Matignicourt-Goncourt. Now enter the date for June 2018 in your calendar and tell your friends about.

A raw & scratchy voice, a distorted guitar, a fuzzy bass and a rocking drum sound the stage on the weekend. The Nirvana Tribute Band lives on - also a part of Nirvana.

You now have the opportunity to experience the Nirvana Tribute Band Live live on stage on Friday, October 12, 2018 on stage at the Cultural Center in Matignicourt-Goncourt in the Château de Goncourt. This will be a grunge event of alternative and rebel sounds.

The Nirvana Tibute Band offers you almost all the songs from the legendary Nirvana repertoire that have thrilled millions of listeners and audiences since the 90s. Well-known songs are mainly played by the albums: Bleach, Nevermind, Incesticide and In Utero.

There are about 3 hours of Grunge Sound Live & Loud on your ears!

Support Combo Red Medicin

Red Medicin - is a raw and authentic rock sound combo from the Vogtland and Ore Mountains in Saxony. Founded in June 2016 by Tom Kehrer and Ivo Meier, they quickly developed their own, the Rough Rock. Their influences can be summarized from different genres. Grunge, hard rock, some punk and metal and yes maybe a pinch of stoner rock is definitely out there to hear. That 's why you probably prefer the Rough Rock genre ... but if that sounds like too much rock classification and too unappealing, the band can easily describe it as "fat, authentic rock". Her passion for music is reflected in her extraordinary dress code, as well as the unusual stage appearance and her own sound.

We are looking forward to this live concert in Matignicourt-Goncourt / Château de Goncourt!

Here we go ;-)

and the Grunge lives on...


stay tuned ;-)

Details about the Band: nirvana-tribute-band.com

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Details about the location

Château de Goncourt - Rock Concert in the Castle
Rue du Château de Goncourt
51300 Matignicourt-Goncourt


Starting in 2018, they will be playing their Europe-wide concerts, along with their second project of a cover band, the Nirvana Tribute Band, in a variety of live clubs. Red Medicin is here the support and occurs as a pre-program on the stage.


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