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Nirvana Tribute Band

Stara Piwnica Wroclaw Grunge Experience

Poland we are coming ;-)

Nirvana Tribute Band Klub Stara Piwnica The Grunge is coming to Poland! 

Who would have known that a Nirvana Tribute Band from Germany would ever play in Poland? But the night in the Stara Piwnica in Wroclaw was really something special. Not just the Club was amazing but also the audience! Again, language barriers mean nothing as the crowd understood the jokes on stage and even the german Schlager songs! Crazy, those people. but really lovely grunge fans! 
A big kiss for the Crew of the Stara Piwnica in Wroclaw, the friendly host of our place to sleep, the city tour at midnight and all friends of the Gunge Band Nirvana, who were there that night! Keep on rocking! 


Did you ever had a chance to see Nirvana live?

A tubed voice, scratchy guitar, a fuzzy bass and a rock drum are halling on the small stages of various cafes, Bar's and small festivals. Nirvana Tribute Band lives on – and also a part of Nirvana. Ultimately Nirvana had developed a whole genre by it´s own musical creativity. Now you have the opportunity on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 to see the Nirvana tribute band live on stage at the Stara Piwnica. A grunge rock event of the alternative and rebellious sound. There are about 3 – hours of grunge sound live & loud for you. We are so excited to play this live concert and to have a rough event in Poland! Poland we come ;-) and the Grunge lives on ... more details coming up soon!

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Nirvana Tribute Band

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